House_&_Flowers_2Wellspring House was founded in 1999 by Ann Hutt Browning and her husband Preston Browning, Jr., who came to Ashfield with a vision to develop not only space and lodging for writers and artists, but also a sense of place imbued with the interrelation between the human environment and the natural one.

For almost two decades, the house has been home to over a thousand writers and artists who have journeyed from across America and internationally to find solitude and an artistic refuge at Wellspring.

Originally a carriage house, built circa 1890, Wellspring House was completely renovated by Ann with an emphasis on private and quiet spaces. It is set against a densely wooded hill with winding paths and sheltered nooks. Surrounding the house are terraces and flower and vegetable gardens. In season, raspberries and blackberries grow wild on the fringes of the property, which is bordered on two sides by towering spruce trees.

In this section, you can find out more about Ann and her vision for Wellspring, Director Preston Browning, or Wellspring’s current Writers-in-Residence. Or, click on the links below to find out how to apply and plan your stay.


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