Wellspring Featured in Daily Hampshire Gazette

In June, a reporter and a photographer from the Daily Hampshire Gazette paid a visit to Wellspring as part of a feature on the retreat's history and its exciting new chapter. "Ashfield’s Wellspring House might be one of the better-kept secrets in the Valley," says reporter Steve Pfarrer. "But among a growing number of writers, particularly in the … Continue reading Wellspring Featured in Daily Hampshire Gazette

Wellspring in The Toast!

On September 23, 2014, Wellspring House was the lucky subject of fan favorite online publication The Toast (RIP).  "Wellspring House: On Having a Retreat Of One’s Own," by Geri Lipschultz, is full of lovely and gracious little gems, such as this beaut: "What really seems to distinguish this retreat from others is the intentional low cost, the presence of a familial culture, and—as one of the residents, Sandy Flitterman-Lewis, has so neatly placed it—a 'supportive, creative, and noncompetitive' atmosphere."