Hawthorne Room

In recognition of: Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nathaniel_Hawthorne_by_Brady,_1860-64The Romantic: A native of Salem, Massachusetts, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ancestry traces back to the early Puritan settlers. As such, much of his work was critical of Puritan New England society, evoking the aesthetics of the Romantic movement. Hawthorne was once a member of the Brook Farm commune and lived in several towns across Massachusetts, including Lennox, a Berkshires town just an hour’s drive from Wellspring. This room’s palette of blues and greens honors Hawthorne’s repudiation of Puritan values while still offering a bright and cheerful refuge for your creative work.

The Hawthorne Room is available to single residents or couples. It features a double bed, armchair, dresser, bedside table, and desk, as well as a desk lamp and chair.


Room Rates

Apr-Oct: SINGLE: $345/week; or $85/1-3 nights; COUPLE: $360/week; or $95/1-3 nights.
Nov-Mar: SINGLE: $325/week; or $75/1-3 nights; COUPLE: $340/week; or $85/1-3 nights.

**SAVE $20 PER WEEK WHEN BOOKING TWO or more weeks together.

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