Ann_Hutt_BrowningThe Visionary: When Ann and Preston lived in Loudoun County, Virginia in the 1980s, Ann decided to become an architect and drove into Washington several times a week to study at Catholic University. She practiced as an architect very successfully, long before receiving the degree. When they moved to Massachusetts in 1999, Ann was prevented from practicing since she had no license (it had not been required in Virginia for residential structures), but she still wanted a studio where she could draft designs for the occasional friend or acquaintance who asked for advice. It’s likely, however, that most of her time in this room was spent writing poetry, which eventually made its way to her book, Deep Landscape TurningAfter Ann died in 2011, the Studio became Wellspring’s largest resident room, airy and light, and full of Ann’s visionary spirit.

Ann’s Studio is available to single residents and couples, and features a double bed, three windows and skylight, armchair with foot stool, closet, dresser, book case, bedside table, three desks, desk lamps, and chairs.

April-October: Single: $310/week; 1-3 nights, $90/night. Couple: $325/week; 1-3 nights, $100/night.

November-March: Single: $295/week; 1-3 nights, $70/night. Couple: $305/week; 1-3 nights, $80/night.

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