Benjamin_D._Maxham_-_Henry_David_Thoreau_-_Restored.jpgThe Minimalist: A native of Concord, Massachusetts, Henry David Thoreau believed in simple living. Craving a private place to write, Thoreau once built himself a small house on Walden Pond to see if he could subsist by devoting just one day to work, and the other six to more transcendental concerns. He lived there for two years. A nature lover, he took daily afternoon walks in the Concord woods, recording in a journal his observations of the natural world. This room’s long window honors Thoreau’s habit of meditating on nature. You’ll find volumes of his work waiting for you on the dresser, along with other books carefully chosen in hopes that you’ll find inspiration in their pages.


The Thoreau Room is available to single residents, and features a single bed, armchair with foot stool, dresser, bedside table, desk, desk lamp, and desk chair.

April-October: $280/week; 1-3 nights, $70/night.

November-March: $260/week; 1-3 nights, $60/night.

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