Phillis_wheatley_portrait_CROPThe Persister: Phillis Wheatley was the first African American woman to publish a volume of poetry. Seized from her native West Africa and enslaved in a Boston household, Wheatley’s achievements were a catalyst for the early antislavery movement. Subjected to enslavement in her early life, poverty and hardship in her later years, and a consistent lack of support from American society, Wheatley nevertheless continued to publish her poetry until the year of her death. A dominant feature of this room is the large, deep-set writing desk, a reminder of Wheatley’s ceaseless dedication to her work. Recall her spirit of persistence as you craft your own verse at Wellspring.


The Wheatley Room is available to single residents, and features a single bed, armchair, dresser, bedside table, desk, desk lamp, and desk chair.

April-October: $280/week; 1-3 nights, $70/night.

November-March: $260/week; 1-3 nights, $60/night.

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