Resident Information

For more about the house’s communal areas, click here. Incoming residents, please read on for important information about your arrival and your stay at Wellspring House.

Arriving at Wellspring

Prior to your scheduled arrival, please review our FAQ and “Getting Here” pages as they contain the most up-to-date information you need about arriving at staying at the Wellspring House.

Art_3Your Arrival

When you arrive, please let yourself in through the front door, which will be open. You will be notified of your assigned room before your arrival. All of our resident rooms are on the second floor, and the stairs are just to the right of the entranceway. Each room has signage, so you should be able to identify yours with little trouble.



If you need to connect to Wi-Fi, the network is “wellspringhouse” and the password is the same. There is no cell phone service at Wellspring, but a landline is available free of charge for emergency and short-distance calls. For long-distance calls, we ask that residents contribute a small fee.


Groceries & Kitchen Etiquette

In the refrigerator, and in the pantry to its right, you’ll find a basket with your room’s name. Please feel free to store any groceries and personal kitchen items in your designated baskets. There are two baskets available for each room (1 fridge, 1 pantry). We ask that residents make every effort not to take up more than the space allotted them in the refrigerator and pantry, as we need to make sure everyone has equal space. There are, however, two additional small refrigerators which can take overflow groceries.

In the cupboard above the toaster and on the counter to the right of the stove you’ll find communal items, such as dried food, oils, and spices, which you are welcome to use. This supply is in constant fluctuation, as residents use and replace items. Please also help yourself to the coffee and tea on the counter near the coffee maker, which we keep stocked for all residents to enjoy.


Recycling & Compost

You’ll see signage in the kitchen indicating where you can place plastic and clean paper/ cardboard. We also compost, so any raw fruit/vegetable waste or coffee grounds/tea bags can go in the big pot near the kitchen faucet.



While we do have help with cleaning every Saturday, it is up to residents to contribute to keeping Wellspring House neat and orderly during their stay. The broom and dust pan are stored in the kitchen pantry and cleaning supplies are underneath the kitchen sink, if you need them. Residents should feel welcome to use the dishwasher and laundry facilities (located in the back hallway), including the detergent. We ask that residents use the laundry facilities between 8am and 10pm to keep noise disturbance to a minimum. You’ll find extra towels and linens in the second floor hallway–please help yourself to these as needed.



You can leave your check for the remainder of your balance with either of Wellspring House’s two Writers-in-Residence, Aubrey Crosby and John Howard, at your earliest convenience.


Other Amenities

There is no air conditioning at Wellspring, but in the summer months, each room is equipped with a powerful fan. Additional fans are available upon request. We will print occasionally for residents, but it is not a regular service we offer (more than a few pages). Residents may bring their own printer or use the one at the library down the street.



If you have questions about the house’s facilities or amenities, Aubrey and John are happy to answer them. We do ask residents to be mindful of their time–like you, their primary focus at Wellspring is their own creative work. Please feel free to approach them with any urgent or pressing issues; if appropriate, any non-urgent issues can be addressed via an email to

Other questions and answers can be found here: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you have a relaxing and productive stay, and look forward to welcoming you back in person.


Find out more about your room here. Or, explore the town of Ashfield and its amenities.